Completely  Reversible

Insert can be temporary or permanent as it is completely reversible. 

Cutout can be easily reinstalled if no longer needed.

Steel and cast iron tubs  will require welding and reglazing.

The finished product is completely seamless and you can't even tell the tub had been modified. 


Can be used with or  without shower doors

Made in Sussex County DE

Bathtub before conversion to a shower
The most cost effective alternative to a major bathroom remodel!

In and Out in One Day! Save time and thousands of dollars compared to removing and replacing your tub with a shower.
  • Each insert is custom built to fit YOUR tub with a tight, neat, waterproof fit.

  • PVC insert is laser cut, heat formed and welded off site to keep the mess & smells out of your house!

Patented 3M, Safety Walk, Slip-Resistant, Surface Exceeds Industry StandardsUnder $1000 including cast iron. Fiberglass and Steel even less! Bathtub after conversion to a shower

Over 15 years experience converting bath tubs into showers
and back into tubs!

And It Is Completely Reversible ! !


 This is a steel tub converted to a walk-in shower in 1995. 10 years later when the shower was no longer needed, it was reversed.

This is a steel tub converted to a walk-in shower in 1995.

10 years later when the shower was no longer needed:

 The insert was removed...

The insert was removed...

 The cut-out section was reinstalled... (Steel and cast iron require welding)

The cut-out section was reinstalled...

(Steel & cast iron require welding)
 And after reglazing you cannot tell that it was ever modified.

And after reglazing you can't
tell that it was ever modified!

Another tub, previously converted to a walk-in shower, restored back to a bath tub:


Fred Henning Fiberglass provides tub to shower conversions (and reversals for temporary situations),
repair for bathtubs, showers, whirlpools, boats, golf carts, jet skis, surf boards, RV's and more.

If it is fiberglass and you need a repair, then call Fred Henning at 302-629-3792

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